FMOD vs UE4 regarding Sound/Music.

Hello UE4 Community, basically I’m starting this thread regarding FMOD usage with UE4 vs using UE4 only to handle sound/music.

I come from a audio engineering/producer background and I heavily use Logic X w/Maschine and a slur of many audio plugins. I’ve done a little research on FMOD but I just need some feedback with some users who have already had to deal with incorporating sound within UE4. Should I use FMOD as a plugin for UE4 or just stick with sound cues, and sound implementation via UE4 only? I mean WHY use FMOD? This is just out of pure curiosity and I’m just interested into what would be the best solution.

Anyone able to help :stuck_out_tongue:

The audio engine is extremely limited compared to something like FMOD or WWise and is nothing like Logic X. FMOD does take a lot of cues from the various DAW environments and they might introduce VST functionality in the future. If you have experience with Logic X, Protools etc. and want to move into the professional game audio industry, then FMOD (or WWise) is the only option.

Audio part is limited indeed, but in last stream Epic guys said they just hired people for developing audio part of engine specifically and it’s like first time in history they have dedicated people for that purpose :smiley:
So, just use whatever you want now, but be ready for big changes and improvements in UE4 audio system

Very little is known regarding changes to the audio engine - they need to separate the audio processing from the main thread and implement a new sample accurate software/dsp mixing engine with direct access to the audio buffers - we’re talking atleast 8+ months into the future. FMOD and WWise is used in a lot of other engines, so any knowledge learned in the process is far from wasted.

Thank you guys for the responses, I’ll just look into FMOD once we need more control with sound in our project. Hopefully it’s true that UE4 will be expanding audio later down the road.