FMOD audio triggers overlapping

Been trying to figure this out for a while now, and I cant seem to find any answers out there that simply show how to do this!
So I’m trying to create three hotspots where i have audio attached.
At the moment when I trigger each hotspot, the audio overlaps on each other until it finishes. What i want is for the hotspot audio to play till the end, and then you can trigger the next hotspot.
Currently I’m making this on the Quest and its triggered via gaze control so there is a line trace by channel.
The blueprint below is the main interact blueprint and the FMOD audio components are on child blueprints of this.

If anyone can help this is that would be amazing!!

Hey there,

(not sure if I totally understand your intent, but I’ll give it a go.)

if you haven’t figured this out yet here’s an idea: I’m pretty sure the Unreal Engine isn’t “aware” of whether the FMOD system is playing a sound or not. Normally for something like this you’d need what’s called a “callback” where the external engine tells Unreal what it wants to know. This is a tricky business to get right!

instead of doing this with your IsPlaying variable. Try doing it instead with voice limiting it the FMOD Studio authoring tool. You’ll want to have all your relevant sounds under a single voice limiting group (can’t remember off hand how it works in FMOD) now set that to a max voice count of 1. and then you’ll be looking for a setting for voice stealing that “kills newest” instead of “kills oldest”.

I hope I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly. Lemme know!