FMixerSourceBuffer crashes periodically during seamless travel.

When using seamless travel, I will periodically get a crash in FMixerSourceBuffer::OnEndGenerate() - usually on SoundWave->OnEndGenerate();

Apparently I must have a SoundWave with bProcedural set (though I don’t remember setting that flag anywhere, and I’m definitely not creating any procedural audio). I’m not sure why it only occurs on seamless travel, and I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary with my game audio or using any of the new AudioMixer features (I just have it loading via the Config File setting).

It occurs maybe 1/20 times, but it is of course game-breaking. If anybody else is running into this I’d like to know.

Using 4.21. Can’t tell you if it occured in 4.20 or not, but there are a lot of changes in 4.21 to that class.

I’m also running into this on 4.21, about 1/10 or 1/20 times sounds accurate.

Apparently it was fixed for 4.20 but regressed in 4.21

Here’s the commit in which it was fixed. Aaron said he was going to look into a new fix for this one, hopefully we should see it come through in a hotfix. I’ll keep this thread updated as I learn more!

“Here’s the commit”, where?
Please, may you indicate the commit? Thanks!