FlyingPawn Overview file not found warning in packaging ...

If you delete the “overview” file in the BP folder for the FlyingMode or Pawn BP then when you package your game you get multiple yellow warnings that the file is not found.
Its not a critical error and its not needed of course for the game to work but it would be nice if the “packaging process” knows that and just ignores it.
I packaged both in “shipping” state and “development” state and in both scenarios it gives you that error.

Just want to add not a big deal or anything but the big paragraphs of yellow text warning you is a little jolting :slight_smile:
I should probably not delete it then :slight_smile:

Hey [USER=“30716”]Etienne Andlau[/USER] - Would you mind sharing that in a bug report?

I will thanks Amanda. Its not a big deal but it kicks out a whole bunch of scary looking warnings. Coffee spills you know :slight_smile:

Got to keep that keyboard clean :wink:

Ye doesn’t help bringing the faded WASD’s back again either they lied to me :slight_smile: