Flying Template Auto Pilot?

Hey everybody,

I am currently developing a VR submarine game using the flying template in blueprints. In the game I have different points of interest that the user can visit. If they pick one of the POI’s, a spot on the radar will appear to help them get there as well as a distance gauge to let them know how far away they are. I am trying to create a auto pilot-like system where if they press a specified key, the game will take control and bring them to the destination. I am not sure what functions to use to achieve this as the player could be in any position in the world and need to be taken to any other spot in the world.

Also, I need to make sure that I can continue to control the speed at which the submarine is being moved during the auto pilot to avoid motion sickness from going too fast. I also need to be able to play specified sounds and animations along the way and make sure the submarine does not run into or through objects along the way.

I know this is a broad question but any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

What you are looking for is called volumetric pathfinding. Not easy to build from scratch, but someone else has already worked on it. Check out this free plugin:

Regarding your other requests, could you be a bit more specific? Depending on how you envision it to work there could be different solutions (timers, traveled distance, trigger volumes, etc.)

Thanks for the reply!

I looked into the plugin and watched the video that comes along with it. Looks a bit too complicated for me to understand at this point. If there are no easier ways to achieve my goals I guess I will have to mess around with it for a while to try to get it going.

In regards to the other features:

Controlling the speed: I have customized variables that came along with the flying template for Min Speed and Max Speed, I would like to make sure the speed during auto pilot stays between these two speeds until it arrives. This takes away the possibility of using a per-determined travel time.

Animations and sounds: The only sounds that I really need to be able to play are the sounds that come from the submarine while it is moving. They are currently set up to play whenever the current speed is above 0. I have input events that trigger animations inside the submarine that the player must be able to continuously use throughout.

Thanks again.

AI pathfinding, especially for flying actor (6-DOF), is a quite complicated task, that’s why I suggested you to look into that plugin. Good luck with your project!