Flying project (map Xbox controls)

I just loaded the flying template, can someone please tell me how to set up the blueprint, for the following:

Xibox 360 controller input

Make the UFO have no default movement (at the moment it flys by itself)

Right trigger (move forward)
Left trigger (move backward)

Reverse Left Analog settings, so that:
pushing left Analog up, the ship flys up
pushing left Analog down, the ship flys down

Thank you, even a screenshot of the blueprint how to do it.

Hey, Since your new to the movement inputs, I recommend you put a hold on the Flying example for a second, and make a new project from the FirstPerson game.

The first person character blueprint will show how to add movement input. Take a look at their nodes for adding movement input.

If you go to settings>project settings. And on the left go down to Input, you can see how the first person example adds input. Since your looking for flying, you would add a new Axis Input, call it MoveUpDown, and add 2 inputs, gamepad trigger L and R. Set L to -1 (so it apples the inverse of R)

Now back in the character blueprint, you can add a Event MoveUpDown. You can copy paste the code for move forwards, but change the GetForwardVector to GetUpVector. Wire it together and you have the up and down movement too. The character is affected by gravity, so to test, click the character movement and change the default move mode to flying.

Now you know how that works, you should be more confident in changing your UFO in the flying example.

PS. If you want flying motion, you can take a shortcut and make a new blueprint as a child of DefaultPawn, or SpectatorPawn. Both have built-in flying movement with gamepad support