Flying Pixie

hello people,
I’m currently working on a pixie character for my final year project.

Currently everything is root motion, even flying.

unfortunately I have a problem with pushing the character when in flight.
I have a large lake in my scene and want it to push the pixie up a bodies height ish when you hit the surface.
I’ve tried a couple ways but it usually breaks when purposely trying to go under the water or run flying into it. (lands on in the water, goes straight through, etc)
if anyone knows a good fix, would be grateful for the suggestion.

here’s my old ish build, ill post some screen shot of the blueprints in a bit. and update the video in a couple days.

by the way I’m more of an animator/ artist than engines guy so i’m sorry for any heresy in the blueprints.

newer build, Turns out ill post a newer video first.