Flying pawn's animation blueprint works only below grid, why?

I have a flying pawn. I made an idle and forward animation (basically just wings flip down). I made a blendspace 2D, set the speed variable, constructed the nodes the way i saw it in multiple tutorials and yet, the animation of the wings flipping down happens ONLY when i fly low enough - specifically below the grid. I export my animations, skelet and mesh from blender and i know it tends to mess things up, thats why i checked the axis and scaling and when i import my .fbx files, i make sure that “Convert scene” is unchecked. Still it behaves as it behaves.

Weird thing is, that the animation behaves kinda fine, but only below the grid. If i slow down, or stop even, the animation blends from forward to idle, which is correct. The only bad thing is, that it feels as if it was “enabled” in some area which is only below the grid. I dont know if it has something to do with Z axis, but even if it did, i dont know how to name the issue to search for it.

Also, in the Event graph of my animation bluepring, if i drag the exec from “Is Valid” then it doesnt work at all. If i drag it from “Is not Valid” then it works at least under the grid.

I am even willing to call with anyone who would know what to do. This project is quite important to me and without blending animations i’m lost.

I’m not sure why are you getting that strange behavior, but there are some errors in your blueprints, so let’s fix them at first.

  1. Attach TryGetPawnOwner output to the input of IsValid. Now you are checking nothing, so IsValid is always false.

  1. You do not need such complex AnimGraph. You don’t need to use StateMachine for blending between 2 animations. Just do everything in main AnimGraph.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that your blendspace max value is 500. Did your pawn actually reach speed of 500? Please double check it. If it does not help you, just try to debug you blueprints with integrated debugger.
Anyway if the problem still exist, I’ll be glad to assist you further.