Flying Pawn

Hi all. I’m following this tutorial on Youtube. I would like to know if I can just create the flying pawn without the first person character.

Hey @Neoman!

It’s certainly possible to make a flying pawn without a first person character template. Check out this non-Epic tutorial that does not use it at all to set up the pawn.

Let me know if this works for you!

Hey @Neoman,

Checking in! Was the above the solution you were looking for?

Hey. Thank you. This is pretty cool. But I don’t want to enter and exit my craft. I want to make a space combat sim in the vein of X Wing and Tie Fighter where you just fly the ship.

Hey. Thanks for checking in. Please see my other reply.

Hey @Neoman,

You do not have to use the enter and exit feature for the pawn. You can take the controls and auto possess into your ship and continue from there if that is what you are trying to do.

Were you able to get the controls working?

Hey. I recreated the game without the first person character. I’m slowly copying the blueprints that work with it. Thanks for your reply.