Flying Pawn Movement Problem

Hi guys,

I have problem with Flying Pawn movement. (that’s not preparing for plane, just imagine hover vehicle)

So I attached link below 4.27 project for review.

As you can see in the project, I prepared basic flying pawn. it’s able controlling keyboard and mouse.

Default Mouse Controls: i just want to pitch and yaw movement controls from mouse
Default Keyboard Controls: W and S pitch , A and D controls roll movement. also Space = UP / CTRL = DOWN .

Here is my problem;

When I pitch from mouse and roll from keyboard on playing, the horizon line is distorted and is not parallel to ground.

How do I keep horizon line parallel to the ground while keeping all the controls?

Project : 4.27.2

Thanks an advance.

You can set the SpringArm Camera Settings, uncheck the inherit roll. and also pitch if you do not want the horizon to move up or down.

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