Flying Objects

Hey there!
I’m very new to UE and want to use it as a part of my diploma. I’ve already watched and read some tutorials but still i have a lot of work to do.
For now i have one important question, where i can’t find the right information. I want to have an object (ie. a ball) flying towards my characters position and interact (ie. catch or block) with it.
I guess its pretty easy, but i don’t know where to start. Would be awesome if someone could help me getting started. Maybe there is a good tutorial or text about it.


There’s not going to be a specific tutorial about that, but you can break it down into steps and then search on how to do each thing. Most likely it sounds like you need to learn some Blueprints

Peter will release a flying AI template soon that may help you get started:

But as darthviper said you need some blueprint knowledge if you really want to figure out how it works and improve that template for your own purpose.

Ok, thx… That’s what i thought… Just hoped there may be some work about similar blueprints, to have an easier start.
So i’ll start to learn more about blueprints, probably that’s necessary anyway :slight_smile: