Flying mode : Constant speed without gliding

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Unreal and very depending of what I find on internet for now, but strangely I don’t find out any solution to this problem.

I added basic flight controls to the ThirdPersonCharacter with “add movement input” in his blueprint, with “F key” to enable/disable flying mode but Unreal directly injects physics in it that I don’t want.
I don’t want that my character accelerate when moving and decelerate when stopping, and when he’s in flight mode and I’m trying to change direction while moving, the character is gliding, decelerating and accelerating again…
I tryed to compensate with “max fly speed” and “braking deceleration Flying” in the characterMovement settings. High value in “Braking Deceleration” stops the character movement when I stop moving, but while moving, when I want to change direction, the character is gliding, decelarating and accelarating again…

Is there a way to keep a constant speed when moving ? At the end, I would like to have the simpliest control : character moving when inputting movements with constant speed, stopping the same and same for directions inputted, with “physic interpolation” at minimum… or completely disabled. More like the default walking mode of ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint in fact.

there are a few different ways to add movement to a character, add movement input ( i use this for ground movement, walking etc ), you can set world location using the characters location plus the forward vector of the character multiplied by distance, you can launch character ( as far as i’m aware this might be the one your looking for as it seems to completely ignore physics ) and add impulse ( character movement ) add force is similar. add impulse respects physics, so if i were you i would use launch character and tick xy override, hope that helps.

Thank you a lot for helping me !
I’m a total newbie so I just tryed to get the nodes you talked about and connect them like you said.
When you say “multiplied by distance”, which distance are you talking about ?
As you suggested, I will use launch character if it ignores physics, but I don’t really know how to use it, do I need to put it behind the add movement input ?

I join an image of my event graph for you to see where I am.

Again, sorry for noob questions.