Flying machine

Hello everyone, help to create the same as the flying machine in the video below.
I need that he would not fly high above the ground and with a free rotating camera, I tried to change the parameters of physics, but nothing is impossible.
Sorry for my English, it is Google Translate.

I quickly made this for you. Start with Third Person template and put it in your character blueprint. It makes your character float using physics. Play with values to get desired result, that should get you started. You probably might want to add some sort of dampening so it eventually comes to rest and does not oscillate forever.

Thank you very much!
Sorry for my persistence, but how to make two more lines from a slightly different angle?
I saw there a node Multi Line Trace by Channel, but do not know how to use it.

Probably additional traces will be required, but I don’t completely understand, can you describe better why do you need more lines?

I want to make a flying glider, additional lines to smooth his flight.

I see now. Just add more line traces. Instead of one trace use as many as you need and tweak their end parameters so they point in the correct direction.