Flying enemies

Hi all, got a quick question that hopefully someone can assist with. I’m attempting to create a quick enemy that patrols in the air when inactive but will target a player when in sight. Any help would be appreciated as all of the tutorials I have come across mention using the Nav Mesh Bounds which is only for ground based navigation, not air.

I guess you could have a invisible plane in the air with nav mesh on it for them to travel there. I’ve done that for ocean, oceanfloor and surface. If you want them to move up/down as well between planes I guess you’ll have to create their movements and navigation systems from scratch.

Hi @delion19,

I just finished working on this a few days ago for my space shooter template. I was thinking of sharing a quick progress video on what I have so far. I’ll post the vid here when I get it done and give you a general rundown of how I did it.