Flying dinos can't fly without rider


In my mod the player posseses a dino pawn. I did this by spawning the dino actor and the use the posses node. This works fine except for the flying dino’s. They can only walk arround, but can’t fly.

How do I make them fly without a rider on it?

Thanks in advance!

Look at the pteranodon primal file and see if you find anything there.

You could try the “Set Flight” node:

Thanks, I will try that.

I tried the node, but no succes…
The start flying animation is played, but after that the dino falls back to the ground. So it must be something else.

I have created the following code:

When pressing the key, the dino jumps and shows the start flying animation, after that the dino falls back to the ground. The boolean printed on the screen is ‘false’. The boolean ‘Can fly’ in the default settings is set to true.

Somehow the dino can’t fly without rider. Does some one know what variable must be changed to make the dino fly.