Flying Controls

Struggling with flying controls, My character Glides when turning and stopping, I cant get the character to pitch with the mouse. struggling to rotate around my character in fly mode when i am not moving.

Its Been a Month and no Replies from any one. Please Help. The issue that I have is That I want my character to Rise when I hit Q Key and land when I Hit Z Key But My Character Keeps turning around when I Land / Descend. And My animations towards Rise and Land does not work. I have Input keys set to Rise_Land

not sure you realize you are giving us essentially 0 clues to even be able to attempt to surmise a wild guess at what is happening. How about a few screenshots of your blueprints? Also this really isn’t an “animation” topic, another reason why probably no one has tacked this.

Hi Gracefully Apologize for the Lack of information. Here is an image of what needs to be done. Thank you for your reply on lack of information. Helps me to gather more info. I am very new to Post so I have no Idea of tracking and topics. I have posted this in animations but May have done it wrong. Apologies their as well.

what are the transition rules? it’s likely you did not set them up correctly.

Thank you for your reply. Here is the transition rules

from idlefly to rise I have tried to set variables to see if the state would have forced itself to the rise state so I have created a rise true but hasn’t worked. so My Superhero or Angel Character is not rising as I want her to. There I have no clue what to do. thanks again.

You should start from scratch with the blueprint logic - and the animation instance transition parameters.

First of all, you need to change the movement type as you switch from walking to flying.
this one doesn’t necessarily work like the swim states what trigger upon entering a physics post process on their own.
you have to manually trigger the state change with

Maybe you haven’t shared that portion, but it looks as if everything else is off because it should be built upon that “is flying” movement state.

The theory is simple in terms of blueprints.
start to fly on button press, immediately “rise” once to get off the floor, go back to the idle state and wait for controls.

you shouldnt bypass the flying idle state so I would make sure rise and ascend occur before the idle state.

you currently have it set up with the acend and land that same logical way.
just move the acend and rise states in between and make sure to also link them to each other (what happens if I press descend while I’m rising?).

As far as can enter goes.
if walking idle and button press for flight you toggle a boolean and change movement state.

The boolean toggling from false to true should be enough to hey your ascend ans land to play - just need to get to them.

For ascending you have a button press, and you can do the same boolean method when that specific button is pressed - but you also need to allow this to trigger if the distance from the floor is 0.
that’s not the actor location. There is a specific movement component done that does this. Put it to good use.

For getting to the idle it can be a little tricky. Personally I would implement some sort of altitude checking - or you could link those one to the overall actor position Z - assuming your levels are built to use z 0 as sea level.
Either way, as soon as ascend and descend are not pressed and the player is too far from the floor to land that’s where the idle state would come in…

​​​​​​​hope that helps.

thank you, I will try this now, and see what happens. hopefully the character will soon be able to fly with wings as it should. thank you.

Has Worked when I just simply created a play animation when pressing a key and when releasing a key to set to animation class. but animations doesn’t blend this way. but will find a way for that. thank you. I am only in this game making for about a month now. the rest I have experience in modeling in 3DSMax for over 10 years. so creating house hold to office objects is nothing.

and how do you setup an animation when nearing the ground the animation goes to a walking state. I have no Idea how to do that. would actualy help. Because If want my Character to Fly to the ground and when speeding to the ground and touching the ground she will hit the ground.

You can detect the distance from the ground with a line trace manually. since you are learning it might be worth for you to do some research into that.

After you understand how it works you should replace it to use this node

Thank you so much. You guys are really helping me allot on this. The game that I need to create is like a GTA type game, but with a few differences.

  1. I have no Idea on how to build a city really fast.
  2. The characters appearance must blend, if she is good, here appearance changes to an angelic form. If she is bad, her appearance changes to a dark evil form.
    so dialogues that is chosen with key missions or side quest have choices and those choices affect the players good Points or bad Points.
  3. Character inventories, Weapons. Clothes. Wings.
  4. Advanced Character animations.
  5. If flying through Grass. grass will spawn Broken Grass particle VFX
  6. Laser eye or lightning VFX. and choose powers like the game ProtoType.
  7. Can Posses a civilian.
  8. Best Lighting for the game.
  9. Best Texture materials for the game.
  10. How much Polys are used for this type of Game per character.

There are allot of videos out there. But I don’t know the most effective and right way to do this.

There is allot that needs to be done. But I am trying my best to get this done. and as fast as I possibly can.

Thank you Again Guys at UE4 for this experience.

  1. look into open topography - and the city skyline map extraction. It’s not fast btw, but it’s a decent starting point especially if you want to mock it up.

  2. it’s a bit more complicated then morphing with morph targets but look into that as well as changing the base mesh programmatically or using sockets to morph the wings as a separate mesh I suppose.

  3. you need to watch tutorials for that. On YouTube Viruos learning does an OK job at all the basics.

  4. still learning my-self. Posting a link for you in a minute but it might be way over your head.
    Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough Stream Recap - Unreal Engine

  5. you can just set the glass material to break with the built in tools. There’s a lot of tutorials out on how to do that.

  6. some of the paragon characters have a bunch of SFX you may want to look into for this. they come with their own materials which you can learn a lot from.

  7. depends a lot on how you want it to look. Is the character attached to the actor she’s possessing? If so that’s one type of tutorial, if not then you can just possess it like you would a vehicle - the other kind of tutorial.

  8. debatable, particularly now with ray tracing…

  9. make your own, learn about texturing. Learn about the rendering pipeline too - there are videos for that within the unreal academy portal that will give you a good burst of general knowledge.

  10. not that pol counts don’t matter entirely, but they probably won’t if you set proper LOD meshes and make good use of normal maps for details that can be applied to mostly flat surfaces.
    this goes back to basic rendering/designing.

Essentially if you know nothing you need to put in about 2 months of actual learning to cover all the needed subjects…

learned how to use the spline tool in conjunction with roads but doesn’t show mesh in the viewport, only the spline.