Flying Blueprint Help: Free Camera from Fixed Position

Have any of you played freelancer or a flight game that has a gameplay camera that isn’t in a fixed external position? I want to create a movement system with the flying example provided by unreal 4 that allows for a more natural movement feel where a targeting recital drives the ship’s direction, and the ship lags behind the camera a little in any direction you decide to move.

I have attached two images, one with my blueprint component set up and one showing my plane flight in action. My goal is to achieve the last image shown in the plane flight illustration. How can I achieve that result? I currently only am using the blueprint graph that comes with the flying example.

Here’s my component set up

here’s the movement I want in the last slide

I’ve tried allot of things with getting and setting the camera and setting up node connections but I’m not making much progress. IF anyone could point me in the right direction I will love you eternally.


not sure that it will helps but if your arm is locked on the reticle (which would make your reticle the root and not your plane) and the camera moves at oppositem of the plane movement (maybe divide by 2 to stay between plane and reticle) it may be what you need. But i am not really sure of what you need :stuck_out_tongue: (in hope it helps, at least to let you know that you’re not alone ^^)