Flying around in a single direction

Hi magekyou,

I would recommend storing your rotation as a variable and only updating it when the click occurs.




Basically what I need is to have my character “dash” or “rush” at high speed towards where im aiming at. If I press the Fire input, he goes off in a straight line until the character meets a platform (Colision) in which case he instantly stop all movement.

The way I did it here is kind of “faking it” because when if I rotate the mouse during the “dash”, I will move toward that new position, which is something I dont want. I want to be able to look around, but still move in the original direction when I pressed Fire. I can’t seem to find a way to make it happen, I know it’s because im ticking every frame and the controller rotation gets taken into account. Is there a way to only get that UPON input, and stop ticking right after until a collision happen?


Thanks for the answer, but could you show me a blueprint of what you mean? I understand the logic behind, but cant seem the make the right connections.

Actually I managed to make it work! So thanks for that!