Flying animation for Character

Hi, i would just like to know how am i going to make my character fly around in UE4.
I’ve watched a tutorial on YouTube on a hovering effect and i would just like to know if i could use the same blueprint to make my character fly around. I already have animation of him idling in the air and flying in a direction.
My question is can i use that hovering blueprint to make him hover and just use the animation to make him fly around.
Basically like the normal walk to run animation but now i want him to hover up and stay in the air and if i press the button to go forward he will lay down and do his superman thing.

If there’s another trick to achieve this please let me know. I’m dying about this.

The Character Movement Component has a lot of options including how you want the character to fly. It’s as easy as setting a few options there, most importantly, enable flying:

Hi, thanks for the response. Where can i look that handles the character movements in really fine detail?

If you want to know what exactly it does you can look at the code, CharacterMovementComponent.h and CharacterMovementComponent.cpp

I found Understanding Networked Movement in the Character Movement Component for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation to be helpful as well and there’s plenty of high level detail in the other sections of documentation such as Character Movement | Unreal Engine Documentation