Flying AI Drone


my drone is following my character if "land movement is set to walking, but when I set the land movement to “flying” it does not move. I tried to use line trace system to make it hover but that does not work either (just falls from the sky…)

Is there any easy way to keep this drone in the air following my character?

Thank you for any help

Idk, get like a scene component and place it into ur character bp as a point that the drone can fly to, then go into the drones bp and lerp the drone to that scene component…

solved. thank you anyway

ere’s how you solved the problem, just like you did!

This says solved - but can’t seem to find your explanation - any insight? Am I missing something? Does anyone know of a good “Flying AI” tutorial - trying to get a skeletal mesh to “Fly” and chase the Player Character. Think Dragon Ball Z / Flying Warrior Angel - any help would be most appreciated - and credited on a new developer blog I am working on.

xoxoxo - AG

Check out my solution on my youtube channel FlyingAI

I used the implementation done by Reids, works pretty well once I understood how to set it up.