Flying 3d sidescroller

Think of a flappy bird type game, but in 3D. And instead of every touch, he goes up and comes down, I would rather hold touch for character to fly up, and on release, character falls to ground.

I’ve put character movement in flying mode, and tried a touch screen input to move axis up. But the character remains floating up. I can’t get him to come back down.

whats your blueprint look like? basically you need to set the default state to falling. usually this would mean enabling gravity but since its a flying movement i dont know that that would work. so it really depends on how your implementing the movement. ive made systems before for input axis events to do something similar and ive used offset on tick to do this too, but doing it that way may not be ideal.

Found a way to make it look right. Made him a walking character, and fiddled with the jump and gravity settings until he appears to fly as I hold the touch screen, and slowly falls as I let go. Then I just move the character and the camera in the y axis. Looking pretty good.