Flyer Carry Edit

So I’ve found the settings that define which dinos can and cannot be carried by the flying ones. For those wondering, it’s “Grab Weight Threshold” for how much a flyer can carry and “Drag Weight” for how much a dino weighs, both found inside Dino_Character_BP (also PlayerPawn).

Is there a way to allow them to grab wild dinos? I couldn’t find it.

Isnt that applicable for both wild & tamed?

No, by default, you can only grab tamed dinos and players. It is possible you can only grab friendly tamed dinos as well - I couldn’t test that since I don’t play on open servers.
But no, the game doesn’t allow you to grab wild dinos for some reason. I guess it’s because that would be sort of cheap, but I’d like to change it for my mod regardless.

I’ve been grabbing wild dino’s all the time, you sure its only tamed?

I’m not sure of anything with the ADK. I just know that I repeatedly failed to grab wild dinos that should be possible to pick up for the argent, and that the same problem didn’t happen with tamed dinos.

Your repeated failure to grab wild dinos is tied to server settings. If your server/singleplayer world is set to PVE, then you cannot lift wild dinos. Try loading a PVP world and you’ll find there are no issues with lifting wild dinos.

Nope, my server is set to PvP.

My apologies. I’ve been able to pick up wild dinos on every server I’ve played - but when I’ve played “PVP Weekend” servers, wild dinos could only be lifted during the weekend. I assumed this was a result of the PVP settings. Could it be a server .INI thing?

Thanks, I’ll try checking it out.