Fly around and destroy stuff

I want to build a simple game prototype where you “fly around and destroy stuff”

right now all I have is a cube that I want to have move around - ie, when you hit play or simulate, you are controlling the cube from the view i have selected:

I only want to start by controlling the cube’s (and inherently the camera’s) x y z translations. I have a blank scene with the essentials loaded, and as I progress I will add in the others elements needed for gameplay (static meshes, textures, animations, lights, particles, etc etc)

but I’m new to unreal, and am stuck at the start - getting the cube and camera moving properly 8/ I’ve spent since launch watching tutorials, reading docs, and looking at other blueprints, and I have good experience in the other major game engines

I did not start with any preset gamemode (fps, sidescroller etc) - just the “blank” template with essentials

To re-iterate, I want to hit play and control the cubes x,y, and z translations through the view I have selected above; the camera should follow the cube as expected - once I have that I can start more testing on my own (I’ve spent a while trying to get this started)

Does anyone have a pointer?

finally got him moving around! (this is my first unreal project) I ditched trying to do everything from scratch and used a template project to start it off
[edit] this guy is just a character im testing with

The next goal is to get him spitting out some projectiles - which I have no idea how to do - and build up some basic environment - I’m thinking fable style, or close

Good animations so far :slight_smile:

I’d put 2 dots for eyes (maybe a mouth as well?)
As for the projectiles, the top of the box could open like a hatch door with the weapon coming out.

Thanks those are good ideas - for now I’ll just have the projectiles coming out of his face, later (after I figure out how to make him shoot projectiles) ill add in the weapons

one issue I noticed was that he never gets into the walk cycle because max acceleration is set to 2048 and max speed is set to 600 - so as soon as the controller is used if fills the value immediately thus skipping the walk cycle in my blend space from playing (at least thats what i think is going on), when I tried to lower just that setting it took him way to long to run - so there was no give between a tiny bit of movement to fully pressed

any ideas on how to fix? its like the speed variable goes from 0 to 600 instantly when given input (not using blend space well)


I want more like buttons. Good work so far dude!

How did you do the animations? That really looks great, and I can;t even figure it out. Almost looks like you used the stock animations , but idk. Great work

Lovely animations!

Ha looks great, I love quirky stuff like this.

Thanks a lot everyone! : )

@KilrBe3 - I made the character and his animations in 3ds Max - it took me a while to get everything working, especially since I’m new to unreal. Basically I just mirrored the template with my own stuff

right now I have his projectiles firing at a good speed, I just need them to aim at wherever the camera is looking.

Here’s an update of what I have so far

I’m going to polish up some of the mechanics, add basic sounds, and then get damage working and maybe some enemy AI

awesome!! good work

Haha, that character alone makes it awesome.

lol thanks guys, I’m using sfx from Ocarina Of Time :b