Flushing shader jobs is taking to long

Hi, I’m pretty new at Unreal engine. I compiled the unreal from source and updated a mobile project to the new version.

I’m trying to execute the project on device but the build is taking to long, after compile the shaders, the console shows “Flushing shader jobs, remaining jobs 2536” and it takes forever. On previous version, installed from Epic, the build was much more faster.

I have 16 GB RAM, RTX 2060 and I7 9th generation and the project is on a SSD, I don’t think that is hardware problem.

Can somemone help?

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Im having the same issue, more than 8 hours of building is just not normal.

Any solution?

Same problem with UE 5.0.1🤕

Tried to look for it on Google instead of my notes, couldn’t find it fast enough. Here’s for anyone else who needs it. Config/DefaultEditor.ini


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I also have a problem already have a solution??