FluidNinja VFX TOOLS and LIVE are free to test and learn

Hi everyone, Major here. I help Andras out running the Fluid Ninja Community Discord.

Recently Andras decided to release free Student Versions for his marketplace assets - Fluid Ninja VFX Tools, Ninja Live and Ninja Player. These free versions can be downloaded on the Fluid Ninja Community Discord, just head to the #get-it-here channel and follow the instructions.

Fluid Ninja Community Discord - FluidNinja

Also proof that this isn’t me trying to pull some scam (I’m just helping get word out):
Tweet from Andras (includes discord link) - https://twitter.com/FluidNinjaLIVE/status/1427387804607291396
LV80 article - FluidNinja Is Now Free For Students

Below is some more info about what the student version can and can’t do, along with a FAQ.


Ninja Live Student Version, FluidNinja VFX Tools Student Version and Ninja Player Student Version are copyrighted and may not to be shared. The Student Versions are strictly for testing, non-commercial and non-profit usage (eg. hobby projects, learning and demo reels).


Student Versions will generally be 2 subversions behind the main product. So as of writing this:

FluidNinja VFX Tools Student Version v1.5.26 for UE 4.26 (limited volumetrics)

NinjaLive Student Version - for UE 4.26 (limited volumetrics, no world space usage)

NinjaPlayer Student Version - for UE 4.25-4.26


  1. Do I have to be a student enrolled at an educational institution?

No. “Student” is a state of mind as far as this Student Version is concerned. It’s effectively a trial version with no time limit, meant for people to learn to use and experiment with Ninja Products.

  1. What is the difference between Ninja VFX Tools and Ninja Live?

Both FluidNinja projects are focusing on fluid simulation inside UE. FluidNinja LIVE is for responsive, real time, interactive fluidsim. FluidNinja VFX TOOLS is for baked, non-responsive fluidsim. The same visual aesthetics could be achieved with both projects - the main difference is, that TOOLS runs “standalone” (it is an editor tool to generate game assets, it is NOT running together with the game) and it is optimised to BAKE fluidsim to simple, looped sequences and materials that play these sequences (that could be used in the game) - while LIVE is a dynamic fluidsim (non-baked, runs together with the game), that could be placed in large numbers IN THE GAME, and it is creating real time interactive fluidsim. TOOLS and LIVE could be used separately, or combined. For example: having a church interior with hundreds of candles definitely needs a baked solution - while having a flaming ball on the player character’s hand or making a portal that interacts with the player might need a responsive sim solution. For more details, pls have a looks at the manuals and tutorial videos linked at the project homepages.

  1. Can I sell flipbooks/VFX I create with Fluid Ninja VFX Tools Student Version?

No. You will need the full version to sell any Flipbooks/VFX created using Ninja VFX Tools. WIPs/Showreel videos and Non-Commercial Hobby projects are okay however.

  1. If I upgrade to the full version later on, will Student Version content be compatible/migratable.

Yes with some minor exceptions. Some 1.3 features may still be incompatible with earlier UE4.23-4.25 versions of Ninja Tools. But for a 4.26+ vfx/flipbooks you create with the Student version should be fully compatible with the full version, you’ll just need to migrate them across.

  1. Am I entitled to product support?

Through the Fluid Ninja Community Discord. Direct email is limited to the full version on the UE marketplace, that said most product support for the Fluid Ninja products happens on the Community Discord. Andras is active on here answering questions every week, but if you want high priority product support, it comes with the full version.

  1. Where can I find the documentation. Each product has it’s own section on the discord. They all have helper channels with useful links and info.

Thanks everyone and enjoy!


Thank you for posting this here. A lot of people will find this useful for sure!

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Update on the versions available, as the original post’s info is way out of date. As of right now the student versions are as follows:

  • NinjaLIVE for UE 5.11
  • NinjaLIVE for UE 4.26 - 4.27
  • NinjaTOOLS 1.73 for UE 5.11
  • NinjaPLAYER 1.01 for UE 4.23 - 5.03