Fluid Surface Actors sleep unless extremely close to player

I’m making a game where you look at a big part of the world through a screen capture, and naturally there are a lot of issues where LOD/etc will activate and mess things up for what you see through the capture because the “real” player and camera are far way, but I’ve solved most of them.
Not so with Fluid Surface Actors, these things just love to sleep (stop rippling in reaction to physics) and stay asleep no matter what settings I apply to them, like a huge “deactivation range”. Any ideas?

have you checked the fluid surface actor settings? I think I remember something along those lines

Yes, the main relevant setting “deactivation range” seems to be ignored, and others noted this too in old forum posts.

My current plan is to try to ‘rub’ the fluid actor in close proximity to the player pawn/camera for a few frames to activate it, then move it back where it should be, with a really long “deactivation timer” so that it never goes back to sleep again.

Well, this isn’t going well at all
If the pawn is in the water, the fluid water will ripple for a bit, but it still ignores any other attempts to ripple it from other sources like projectiles landing in it, only having the Fluid Surface Actor extremely close to the camera PERMANENTLY will guarantee it ripples properly.
Does anyone have any idea why the fluid surface actors are so ill-behaved? Nothing that I can reach from Unrealscript source or from the editor seems to work at making them just be active while not right next to the camera.

I might be stuck with just spawning particle effects on top of the water, which won’t look anywhere near as good. Argh.

Solution was easier than I thought, just use a Fluid Influence Actor.