Fluid Simulation?

So I haven’t found a definite answer to that on Google or the Forum Search yet…

Is there some sort of built-in fluid simulation in UE4 (yet)?
What I mean are e.g. particle based fluids, so dynamically moving ones. Where if you create hole they’d flow out of the container etc.
I’ve found that PhysX is apparently capable to do that now and from code it seems like UE4 uses PhysX (at least for physics scene stuff), however i haven’t found any documentation, tutorial or mention of PhysX fluid simulation…

One thing I found is sometimes particle systems being mentioned but again with trying around and looking on Google and such I have not been able to figure out fluid water with those.

Aside that, the only thing i’ve already found is that (updated) FluidSurfaceActor plugin, which doesn’t seem to simulate water though, only simulates the movement of the surface of water (which is a good optimization if thats what you need of course, but not usable for what I want).
So am I missing someone or can I not do that with UE4 without adding more code? And if so, is it something that would still be added?

Thats the same question i have… PhysX does support SPH-Fluid, cause i already made a fluid simulation application in the past with the PhysX SDK directly. Why does UE4 does not support this? Its really a shame that the lava-flow from the elemental demo just uses animated static meshes :frowning:

Epic have overlooked water for now its hard to do. :\

As WCode has said.

The best thing you can do is just use a material with some nice flowing features, but other than that you’re out of luck.

~ Jason

****, the project I’m working on could really use this. Guess I’m going to have to come up with some hellishly creative solution.