Fluid Simulation in UDK


can somebody tell us more,how to apply this to udk without dll bindings nor coding?

Isnt’t there an exaple ? on UT udk ? UT UDK = Non clean UDK with unreal tournament…Animation.html

the only file i could get was a mathematical formula as pdf.
the only source might be the dev. of the alice return to madness 2…

The dev of Alice is American mcgee, a pretty good Level Designer (amoungst alot of other things). You can easily speak to him on the Doom Forums, Discord, or twitter- where he is always active. He trails around idsoftware and bethesda discord too and in my experience, i have never been ignored.

Unfortunately, EA own the rights, so he cannot release anything.

I already asked for the Alice2 source, so i could fix some bugs, a long time ago.

thanks for the reply,

was it/is it a plugin made by mcgee?
as i said i came along a pdf file about mathenatical formulas related to fluid made by nvidia,perhabs we could make something out of it.

we could also start to gather more information about it!?


That looks like something EXTREMELY complicated to attempt in UDK. I don’t think there’s an easy way to do it, and anyone who can do something like this definitely wouldn’t be afraid of a little coding.


compllicated, the beginning was everthing in UDK complicated,right?

besides,we have a lifetime to figure that out,since UDK ist not any more supported.

things should be gathered before is too late and the most vanish by age…

well,in the pdf file at the bottom are names…UDK is obviously capable of such scientific simulation!

vector field is also some steps away…help me to achieve it and bring it into UDK.



This is not THE solution to Mc Gee´s volumetric fluid(probably there never was,it´s just Physx Particles!) but it´s a satisfying Mid solution and inspiration until something better is found.just combining those techniques…

a member wrote:

too bad,he is not responding…but i found the video,which is related.

Games Made with Physx…