Fluid simulation, how to put it in UE4, and how performance intensive it is

I’m gonna make a cooking game, and I want sauces, eggs, and liquids in general to be fluid simulations or something like it. A) how do I do this in unreal? B) how performance intensive is it (like can I run 20 at once in VR)

You have to ‘pre-cook’ it. In other words, you have to work it all out before hand and then use that data in the game.

You can defintely do SOME simulations in VR, how many, really depends on what exactly you’re doing I guess.

This asset pack, does the heavy lifting for you:

So then would I be able to change some of the factors in runtime? So like if I turn the bottle over but slightly to the left, it reacts like that?

Nope, this is precooked stuff. So you can do any type of fluid / smoke movement, but it’s a sort of pre-recorded sequence.

You can change many aspects of it, color, density, etc, but you can’t have real-time reaction to player movement for instance.

This pack

does real-time, and the vendor has answered some questions about VR.

Alright thankou