Fluid camera work system question

Hello. Is it possible to attach player character movement to a camera sequence? For example if I place a sequence on the level, the “playback” is player’s position in space? Like on the image below:

Or is there something similar to it / another way to implement it? I tried camera moving along spline resident evil-ish style, but it’s not quite what I need because the camera is very static, but I want it to feel like it’s constantly moving, floating around. Basically what I want is displayed on this GIF:

My google is purple from trying to search any info related to this. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Try this.…_hjAe-6o4f38VT

Also a marketplace asset if you don’t feel like dealing with the whole thing.

The point being.
Define an actor for the camera to track. Move the camera along a spline. The camera rotation will always attempt to look at the character.

Working with splines wasn’t an option I built in, which is why I suggest you watching the tutorial series to know where/how to handle the tracking.

And more to your point.
you have the camera track actor B, and script actor b to move on a spline while the camera itself moves - creating the effect that as you move inwards it looks to the right like the GIF.
it’s a bit of work to get it going, but possible.

Potentially, you could have Actor B do crazy stuff, like be a block that exactly represents the camera FOV based on the camera settings themselves. I think for scripting movies and such that would actually be really helpful. Maybe even have a Fustrum option that colors in the cone area the from the end point to the camera so you immediately can now if an actor is within the scene just from the level view.