FluCamp - The Simulation

Hi internet,

I generally work in the VFX/Screen side of things, but I’ve been meaning to get into game development for quite a while - specifically as a means to showcase visualisations. I sold my body for science recently, which required a week or so in quarantine. I thought I’d dabble in UE4 to make the most of my time, and I have to say I was blown away with it’s efficiency as an artists tool.

I won’t be doing anymore work on this particular project, but it showcases an astounding level of usability in the engine. I did quite a bit of research as to what engine would be a worthwhile use of my time while inside, and a lot of people recommended steering away from UDK as it was quite challenging for newbies. I disregarded this advice and went with the new iteration. As a screen guy, I saw the preview’s of UE4 and immediately had to have a cold shower.

Thanks a lot for your product, and I hope to be a subscriber for a long time in the future.

Well that was unexpected. lol But it’s understandable…things can go crazy like that when you have a fever. ^^

Lol awesome :slight_smile:

thought some horror would happen

I still can’t get over how great this engine can look. Did you use some of the Realistic Rendering assets? Like the wall texture? Either way, it looks great!

I know, I can’t wait to spend time on some properly developed assets. I used the TV, the rest is mine. The wall is just a standard material with a normal map.

I’ll upload when I get a chance.

Love the pole that is in the closet.

Sort of something different indeed.

Loved the jumping and head-banging! Lolz

Looks awesome! Where to download it?

Cool dancing moves! :cool: Great looking scene JohnART!

The jumping is awesome lol. :slight_smile:

Nice moves! Totally did not expect that

lol XD I love it

LOL, my thoughts exactly

Haha! Impressive stuff. (including the dance moves)

Will there be co-op?

I love everything about this. Also: greetings from another recovering VFX person :slight_smile:

That was really cool