Flowstone Cave - A cave experience for tourists, with VR support

Hey everyone!

For the past month or so I’ve been playing around with a beta version Yoeri Vleer’s upcoming cave/rock marketplace package, and I thought it might be nice to polish up an environment and release it for people to check out! So I made this:

Free download: HERE

Features include:

  • Rift DK2 support
  • Full dynamic lighting - toggle the cave’s illumination at will, or explore it with just your flashlight!
  • Rich ambient sound scape
  • VR-compatible menu (courtesy of Mitchell McCaffrey’s VR FPS template)

Special thanks goes to a lot of people:
Yoeri Vleer for making awesome rocks and caves
Bruno Brito for helping me out with video stuff
Scott Baker for being awesome
Mitchell McCaffrey for his VR game templates
Ben Hale and HitPawz for rescuing me from baking frustrations
Aaron Leaton, Jamel Glenn, Jon Riley, Venci Nachev and all other hangout regulars for your continued technical and moral support! <3

My website:

I hope you like! :slight_smile:

Im totally unbiased ofcourse :rolleyes:
But this is awesome!

Thanks so much for your hard work Kashaar, I really appreciate your effords!
Ill def. buy you a beer soon :slight_smile:

This is looking amazing.

Love the layout and lighting. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Nice work Jan! Very well executed and all the effort shows! Keep up the great work.

now that looks awesome :smiley:

I checked this out with a friend of mine as well and we both agree this VR experience is great work! I personally got lost in the experience for a few seconds as I took the ride exploring the caves. Awesome work Jan per usual!


This would be amazing with Nvidia’s VXGI version of the engine, or the upcoming Distance Field GI. Really good work from yourself and Yoeri; I have been following your progress on the UE4 facebook group and I’m glad to see this finally released.