Flowing water/fluid in Unreal Engine 5 (Maybe Niagara?)

Hi I spent already 2 weeks trying to find a way to create a flowing fluid in a 2D Game with Engine 5. I found some tutorials with Nvidia Flex, then with Niagara, but every of those tutos are for 3D and for different stuff, like picture blinking, or small particles going in different ways.

I would like to achieve something like that:

Thx in advance for your help!

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Basically you had it right.
Nvidia game works is just about the only tree you can bark up on to get this going.

Hey thanks for the answer man, do you know where I can find it? Seems it was still alive 2 years ago but today the git seems to be closed and I can’t find any link to download the source code and compile it…

That would be the best bet, there is a trial version if you contact the dev,

You have to custom implement from their source sdk.
It’s not that hard, just painful.
You should build both engine and that from source to combine the 2

Check the last 50 posts or so, I have not had time, but wanted to implement Flex Fluids in 4.26+ at some point…

Did you ever get a chance to see if it’s possible to pipe the code directly into Niagara for rendering?

In theory it should be much more performant of an end product than the original Nvidia branch ever was - just a theory ofc.