flowing light when opening doors


I am wondering if it would be possible to implement a progressive light swiitch. The idea is to switch on a rectlight that will simulate the sky / sun light flowing in a dark room (baked lighting as I am working on a VR project, the rectlight would be movable).

So far, since I have already composed my double doors BP (open when triggering a switch in a given zone). Switch on or off the light is not a problem either but I am wondering how to deal with the flowing light. Intensity should rise as long as the doors opens, gving the feeling that light is flowing in the room… Any idea ?


In your door blueprint, add a public variable for your light (new variable>search>reactlight>object reference (if you use this way, be sure to specify the light in the details panel when you click on the door bp in the world)). you might already have a reference to the light in the bp if so, use that. Then use a map ranged clamped node and use the rotation of the door to drive it. the input values are the min and max values of the door rotation, and the output values are the light intensity you desire. Use the return value to change the intensity of the light.

Thanx @ixicalibur . I am going to give this a try. Things seem quite clear. Do you think rectlight barn door angle and length, as well as source width could also be dealt with ?