Florian (Working Title)

Hi Everyone!

I’m setting up this thread to talk about, and showcase updates on our new game Florian, where you play as Florian Fendergrass, a tiny frog with the insurmountable responsibility of bringing peace and order back to his world. After the previous protector of the forest is killed by a summoned god of chaos, Florian must grow to fill a vacuum of power between the other woodland creatures. Factions and cults who pray to many gods are all fighting for control, who will come out on top?

You can expect a high paced metroidvania action side scroller, entirely drawn in traditional frame by frame 2D animation for every element, that pays homage to the 80’s style we all grew up loving.

Please follow this game on it’s journey through development, by “liking” it’s facebook page, and checking out our website. Thanks!


Here’s a couple of images of some of the artwork of Florian: