Floors/Walls cutting out

Hi, I’m not sure how to fix this problem.

Hey Zandrom,

It looks like you have some ‘Z-fighting’ between two textures. Is your cylinder room at the same height as the rest of your ground level? If so, try raising or lowering it just a little bit. Did you build this cylinder from a BSP?


They’re all on different z levels so they should be seen.

Floors are static mesh and the big circle wall is bsp because I don’t know how to hollow out static mesh or make a door.

Hey Zandrom,

Try selecting the entire brush, duplicating it, and rebuilding your entire scene. Also, select all the faces of your cylinder brush and apply a single material. If this does not resolve your issue, would you mind providing me with simple reproducible steps so I can get this visual error to occur on my end?

Thank you,

I’ve attempted all that but nothing changed, not sure what you mean by reproducible steps.

Also is it possible it’s just because I haven’t downloaded the recent update, I’ve been putting it off for awhile since I download at like 200kbps so it would take like all day.

Ok I seemed to of fixed it by deleting the small walls I was going to use as rails, still not sure as to why it happened.