Floor Rotation Help?

Hey everyone,

I’m really new to UE4 and I have an idea for a game where a player controls a floor that a ball rolls on and physics controls the ball through obstacles to an end goal. Pretty simple right? Well, I haven’t been able to find a guide anywhere online for the blueprints or setup necessary to get this to happen. I can make the ball roll and have the player control that, but I can’t seem to find the right inputs to have the player tilt and control the floor that said ball rolls on. Here is a Youtube video of a game similar to my idea. If anyone knows how to get this to happen, I would be hugely in your debt. Thanks Unreal 4 Rolly-Ball Maze Tilt Thing - YouTube

There’s already a project setup for this:

In that setup the player controls the ball itself, in the Youtube link I posted the player controls the rotation of the floor that the ball is sitting on to lead it to a goal. If you know how I could achieve this that would be awesome, thanks.

Then you could just use a first person, and tick simulate physics on the ball…