Floor collision doesn't work after packaging :\

I’m having a weird issue that I can’t seem to figure out
When I play my level directly in unreal my character walks around no problem and collides with everything that has collision boxes, but as soon as I package the level and open it afterwards my character falls through the ground on startup

am I missing something? :\

thank you!

Hello nitrolic,

What kind of collision settings are you using for your character and your surfaces? Does the same problem occur if you play the game in Standalone from the PIE menu or is it only occurring in the packaged product? What configuration are you packaging for and could you supply the log from when you package your game? It could have some warnings in it that explain why this is occurring.

I figured it out finally this morning - it was my player start that was placed too low and it clipped with the collision box of the floor
although it is still pretty strange why it worked fine in stand alone but not in the packaged version