Floating windows minimize not allowing drag and dropping of components

I am on a Mac Pro, OS 10.10, running Unreal 4.43
Whenever I try to drag a item from content browser to a Blueprint, BP minimizes making component drag and drop impossible.

I am an Apple noob so maybe it is OS setting I need to change.

Anyway to avoid minimizing windows?

Hoping this bumps

Hey ,

Is window minimizing, or is it being forced behind main window when you click in Content Browser? Try resizing main window so that it does not take up entire screen, and then try dragging an item from Content Browser to a sub-editor in a second window, and let me know what happens. Thanks!

Thanks for reply ,
It is minimizing to dock. I tried docking blueprint window to editor but I could not get it to dock.

I don’t have a lot of mac software but I did a test with Chrome and I was able to have several windows open and clicking between them without minimizing. That is why I am think it may be a problem with editor

I haven’t been able to reproduce this in 4.4.3. Can you send us some screenshots of your editor windows layout?

, I was wrong in my previous reply. I was at work and away from Mac. BP window is indeed going behind editor window and not to dock. I guess I need to get another monitor. I hope there is bug request to fix it to work like Windows version. Regardless, I can keep working thanks to your help :slight_smile:

Hey ,

I also wanted to let you know that this is no longer an issue in 4.5. Now, when you press mouse button while cursor is over a draggable item, it no longer activates window so you can drag and drop from Content Browser to another window without losing focus.

In 4.4, you may need to arrange your windows to keep Content Browser beside Blueprint editor. You can undock Content Browser to its own window, which might make this easier.

Hope that helps!