Floating Widgets in splitscreen mode

Hi, I’m trying to use floating widgets, and by that I mean adding a widget component to a Pawn object with an upper offset and it’s Space mode set to “Screen” so the widget hovers over the Pawn and always “follows” the camera.

I enable the widget visibility only when the player is near the Pawn (the goal is to see a description that hovers over a pickable item). This all works great, but the problem is that when using splitscreen (two players for the moment) the widget is only visible to the first (left screen) player, and if I approach the Pawn with my second player, the widget shows in the first player screen.

I tried using the “Add to player screen” function but this, of course, puts the widget fixed in the players screen, not hovering over the Pawns in a “dinamic” way. Hope someone can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!