floating Text Overlay... how do I implement it?

hello I am developing 2D Final Fantasy-ish demo right now. I have serious problem


I want to pop up text (actually number) just like my arrow pointed.

I tried Widget Component to my character, but its text cannot get from my character (instanced pawn)'s data - damage.

tried c++ but does not help much either… text render… does not work with my font :frowning: and it looks ugly on my demo though.

I admit, i am newbie to blueprint. but I need to implement it ASAP.

few questions. there any way Widget Component get reference data or member from my character? i just need anything from it - HP or what so ever.

2.if widget component cannot be worked on it… how should i implement it by blueprint?

I have not slepted for 36 hour and I am explaining weird way but… i am desperate.

if your widget is created inside your pawn (what I get from your explanation)

then you should be able to cast to your pawn & access any information it contains for use in you widget

another way is to use dispatchers & best explanation I can give of them is some reference links for you:!

oh and watch this, Zak Parrish is very good at explaining BP Communication:

I got sick I slept over 1 day. and… yeah i will check them out. thank you.