floating point numbers: convert "," to "."


I am using a German keyboard and my number pad uses a “,” key instead of the “.” key like an English keyboard ( probably ) has.

It would be very nice if the Unreal Editor would automatically convert e.g. the number “1,1” I type in a Detail panel element to “1.1” when I hit the Enter key.
Would speed up the workflow and would be a lot more intuitive to the people from countries with “floating comma” numbers.


Two years have passed and not even a small comment? Or a workaround?

It has been addressed a while ago. You might just have missed it :slight_smile:
See here:…-preview/page2
I raised the same question there (page 2).
See the responses from Jamie on the next page…

Yay! That’s great news. Thank you for this information. :smiley:
Works great.