Floating Pawn Movement + Nav Mesh = Teleporting?

I’m trying to make an RTS style game and I want to have my unit pawns move towards where I right click. I have that, but currently they’re teleporting (or moving really, really fast) there and adjusting the speed in the floating pawn movement component doesn’t seem to help. I’m using Simple Move To Location function and passing it the mouse impact point and the AI Controller that’s controlling the unit.

Just an update on this: I switched to using ACharacter (with a UCharacterMovementComponent) for a while, before ultimately deciding that it didn’t suit my needs. I’ve switched back to UFloatingPawnMovement and am once again having trouble with this issue. Clicking anywhere on the navmesh causes the pawn to instantaneously appear there, regardless of speed values.

In my C++ class, I’m deriving from APawn and I have a UFloatingPawnMovement* UnitMovement field, and in the constructor I’m using CreateDefaultSubobject and assigning it to the field. I’ve overridden the UPawnMovementComponent* APawn::GetMovementComponent() const function in my new class and set it to return UnitMovement. I switched from using AAIController::SimpleMoveToLocation() to simply, AAIController::MoveToLocation() and AAIController::MoveToActor()

None of these things have managed to fix the issue though, so I’m unmarking my answer and bumping this question.

To reiterate: How can I have a pawn AI use the navmesh with either UFloatingPawnMovement or a custom movement component?

It seemed to stem from trying to use SimpleMoveToLocation along with a blueprint inheriting from APawn rather than ACharacter. Once I changed the blueprint to inherit from ACharacter, it worked fine. I’d like to see some more usability when it comes to custom movement components with navmesh and AIControllers, since ACharacter has a lot of miscellaneous stuff.

But for now I’ll say the solution is using ACharacter instead of APawn and mark this answered.

Bump for the above edit.