Floating objects in swimming pool?

does anybody know how to create floating objects on top of a water surface like a swimming pool?

thanks a lot for any inout!

You have to code it in cpp.

you need a way to determine the height of the wave at a given moment in time for the location X Y of the point to check.

then you probably need some sort of physics force applied based on the items mass and buouyancy.

normally, this is literally done by using the same formula used in the material in CPP so you can pull the correct values.

Have fun.

thank you. I thought about the same. But the question is how you practically do it.
Any tutorial, or maybe templates, blueprints, anything like that?
Couldn’t find anything on the Marketplace.

There is plenty on marketplace for it. But it usually deals in Oceans rather then a swimming pool.

Try the Community Ocean Project.
it is not very performant, but it could teach you a lot.

There isn’t much in terms of tutorials. Try looking for Gerstner implementations.

Realistically any math formula that works to generate the motion you want can be solved for X Y and Z at a given time since the values are literally used by the function to shift the vertices.
The less complex formulas will give you better performance.
on both ends of the stick. GPU and CPU.

You could even make up your own mathematical formula. You just need to study and understand how wave math works with adding and subtracting…