Floating mesh without animation?

Hello there, fellow unrealers.

I’ve got a simple task to make a floating mesh using the blueprints.

Here’s the main chain:

In this case the ball is just floating up in the air limitlessly 250 points each second. Though graph ‘Newtrack 2’ is correct. It must return back when the graph is on 1 again. But it doesn’t.

If I change the ‘static mesh component’ target to ‘ball_mesh’ it just standing in the place without any moving. (though it’s coordinates are changing, incorrectly again, but changing. I’ve checked it through the print string).

I’m confused and lost completely.

Any ideas what i’m missing?

bump. Pleeeeease

You’re triggering the timeline to play from start every tick so it will never play the timeline (stuck on first frame). Try On Begin Play instead with a looping timeline. AddLocalOffset probably won’t work either because it uses a location delta which means at 0 0 0 it won’t move at all. Try SetRelativeLocation instead.

Thank you. Solved! Added variables for more stability.

Next problem: If i want to use reference of this sphere and want it to float too. What is the main workflow to make that happen? What if I need. for example. 100 spheres across the level?

You can Set Height in the construction script for example (set it to the actor location), then set up Height Low to be Height minus whatever so it’s relative to Height. Then just drag your BP into the level a bunch of times.

Well. that’s a thing to start) thank you!