Floating Island Level Designer for ARK -4K Textures

Project Name:
ARK: Tribe Of Gods

Team Name: Team Dragonpunk

Previous Work: XCOM 2 Co-Op Mod

Talent Needed:
1 experienced UE4 Level Designer (substance, 4K textures)

Hello, Team Dragonpunk is looking to bring on an experienced freelance UE4 level designer for our new ARK map. The pay is very competitive and we work around your schedule (most of our group have full time game dev jobs, and contribute to Dragonpunk for supplementary income).

This map is Avatar-inspired with floating islands, and ideally, fog and atmospheric FX. The game itself will be processed in the Cloud, so we’re looking to push the level fidelity with 4K textures. We’ve already developed amazing dragons, and we just need an incredible world to bring this mod to life!

Website: (will be up this week)


Do you need a level designer or an environment artist? You sound like you’re advertising for an LD, but the specific mention of types of art assets / tools suggests otherwise.

Ma’am, good question. If we need both, then I’m happy to update this accordingly. I was under the impression, based on the current ARK level designers, that an LD would have some ability in Substance to create additional assets not used in UE4 or Speed Tree. I was specifically thinking of Mr Evil Frank who started as an ARK modder and now works for Studio Wildcard.

EvilMrFrank’s been around even before ARK I believe. And most of what he does are created with available assets. Esp not creating textures. If you want some really good quality textures / materials go to Its very reasonable and great stuff over there.