Floating Foliage

Just wondering if this bug on UE5, I am not sure maybe if its something I am doing wrong or its something else. but when I used the Foliage painter, I get these weird almost foliage reflections when I place foliage on a Mega scan object like a cliff or such. Any ideas?


Anyone? I am still having this problem and I have no idea how to fix it?

I really don’t have clue why its happening? Do anyone know why this is happening? Is it a bug or something I am doing wrong?

Try these commands:

  1. RemoveLandscapeXYOffsets
  2. grass.FlushCache

Let me know if this resolves the issue!


Doesn’t work

This tends to happen when activating landscape layers.

same here using brushify on an 8k map

same happens on the landscape material that comes with TheForest pack except is vertical like in the op’s picture

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i have been investigating this UE5 issue for a few days

  • full rebuild scene, doesnt help
  • legacy scenes (ie without world partition) seem to not have mid air foliage/rocks from what i have seen
  • disable of UE5 new features turning it into UE4 with world partition doesnt help, aka

Under Project Settings → Rendering change the following:

Dynamic Global Illumination Method: None (instead of Lumen)
Reflection Method: Screen Space (instead of Lumen)
Shadow Map Method: Shadow Maps (instead of Virtual Shadow Maps (Beta))
Temporal Upsampling: Off
Temporal Super Resolution: Off
Generate Mesh Distance Fields:  Off

Under [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] in DefaultEngine.ini add the following:

  • single click sculpt does oddly ground the grass but only temporarily and only for a single component
  • i am seeing alot of people reporting mapcheck errors relating to various actors having empty bounds, for me i get
    • Actor Landscape has empty bounds
    • Actor InstancedFoliageActor has empty bounds
      as the entire error list, i suspect this is a related issue
  • a minor gripe is that world partition doesnt show a map overhead image in its window like world composition does, otherwise big improvement
  • RemoveLandscapeXYOffsets, hmm this doesnt show in console auto complete, suspect this command is depricated
  • interestingly my c drive ran out of space, found UE4/5 cache folder in app data contained 130Gb, seems safe to delete

only working fix so far

  • build scene
  • grass.FlushCache
  • grass.FlushCachePIE seems to sometimes be needed aswell

investigation continues…

@AE_3DFX can you expand on “This tends to happen when activating landscape layers.”?

am wondering if this issue is encountered only on machines with an older GPU (like mine R9 390 8Gb OC) aka barely lumin/nanite capable
anyone with a 1080ti or better getting this mid air foliage?

Seeing this as well sometimes. Being completely new to UE (and UE5EA) I thought it was an issue on my end. It appears to come up when making changes to the landscape material, especially when altering foliage. The workaround I found is changing the landscape material to something simple, like a basic floor, then switching it back to the material instance with foliage. This causes the foliage to be rebuilt and it usually solves the problem.

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This solved it for me:

in the command line :

Build > Build Grass Maps Only
Sometimes I need to do this second step a couple of times.

interestingly my brushify instanced foliage now stays on the floor, the solution was to ignore it until UE5EA2, so far this has become a none issue, fingers crossed

Had the same problem in UE5.
Found this trick : Under “Sculpt”,
Toggle the visibility of the landscape layer.
Rebuild grass map.
Toggle back on, rebuild: Done!

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There are quite a few strange anomalies in floating foliage, several different fixes, but they don’t always work, so I wanted to share a recent find in a personal project in case this might work for someone else too.

I had previously attempted the usual RemoveLandscapeXYOffsets & grass.FlushCache, rebuilding grass maps (which at other times have worked before converting my project to UE5), etc. but continued to have the issue. I disconnected all of the sample/grass types within my landscape materials, saved, recompiled, etc., committed to source and then reopened the project and reconnected the grass types in the landscape material, compiled, and huzzah, they seem to be staying on the ground, without any random sheets or dotted foliage in the sky! :slight_smile:

It appears the disconnect of grass types and reconnection after recompiling and saving seemed to do the trick in this instance.

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I am experiencing floating foliage as well and i’m using a 1660ti.

has just re-occurred for me also but this time in editor rather than at runtime, just switched into terrain mode and altered a road

in this case, resolved whilst still in terrain mode with