Floating dinos and riders/editor issues

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying for some time now to resize a few dinos, make some bigger, some smaller etc .

its all been working fine but now I seem to be stuck, unable to find a way to fix a weird problem.

So, basically what happens is when resizing the dinos, I’ve done so via the scale multiplier within the mesh its self (to avoid giant riders), and this all works well and fine until I tried the Scorpion…

As soon as it is modified in anyway to increase its size above the default scale multi. which is 2, it will float up in the air, any attempts to bring it back down with the location offset have it sink under the floor, it seems to have no happy medium. Even when I compromise and get the ‘in the floor’ effect to look as good as it can, it always wonks out and will start to float slightly like its walking over invisible rocks, it just wont remain on the floor and level. its driving me crazy, is there a way around this?

It isn’t the collision capsule either, because I’ve experimented with it at various sizes to no effect.

Also, I’ve found there’s a massive discrepancy between how something looks in the editor vs ingame. I’ve moved my rider sockets to look good in the editor, but ingame they still float way up in the air, or inside the dinos chest…

Help me pleaaase :frowning: