Floating Damage Txt at Actor Location

I tried creating a function within my pickup that got the actor location and then saved it into a variable. Then onOverlap I called the function and cast it to my Hud. In the Hud I “get” the Var I set in the pickup, break it, and connect the x and y coordinates into my draw text string. The text always appears at the top left.

My goal was to create those little vertically floating dmg txts you see in many MMO’s and RPGs, what am I doing wrong?

Pickup Function located in my Pickup BP


Hi Counterpart,

You could do something like this:

Instead of drawing to the HUD, using a Text Render Component inside your Character BP which calls the text to display and feeds the value of (in my example) incoming Health or Damage applied to Overall Health.

Should get you started, I’m sure you could make it prettier than I did and have it moving, fade in or fade out. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Awesome, thank you very much, I am going to give that a try.