Floating Combat Text Widget for UMG

Your more or less way, to display floating text on screen based on world location.
World location can be any arbitrary number, or location of actor, hit location etc.

You probably seen this is many games (mostly MMOs), but recently everyone seems, to add it to everything.


  1. Set different text color for each widget.
  2. Set different icon for each widget.
  3. Set How widgets are animated.
  4. Set Maximum allowed widgets that can be displayed at once.
  5. Widgets are displayed on screen, based on provided world location.
  6. Comes with sample setup based on FPS Template, to get you started.


It doesn’t have any external dependencies, just drop this into your project, make widget in player controller, and feed it with needed information. And it will work!

Now disclaimer, so we are on the same level. I set price to 4.99$, but you can download more crude and simpler version along with my ActionRPGGame project (and I will probabaly updated it to have more complete version), for free.
If you want to support further development of ActionRPGGame project, or more widgets, you can do so, by buying my items from marketplace.

There will be C++ version of this widget (I might do it quicker if there is demand for it). But it’s not priority right now.

It’s currently impossible to set individual fonts or sizes for each displayed widget. It’s seem to be simply current limitation of UMG.

Cool, I was looking for this. It seems bordelands. I want it.

If this is in the marketplace and can works with a XP system I’ll certainly buy it.:confused:

You also intends to submit it to the marketplace?

Another purchase I’m waiting to make.

I tried to implement the github code, but it seems to be broken. Could someone explain to me how I implement this. I tried the blueprint in the first person template, but nothing happens, and when compiling it, does not solve any errors.


Hi, iniside

If it does not appear in the Marketplace, is there any chance to buy it in the Selfy?


Hi, @iniside

there Any chance to put it in Gumroad?

I want to put this in my third person game using Generic Shooter!!!


I tried it as the example and it does work, I had just tried to migrate it to my project first, but once there it errors and I can’t use it. So I must be doing something wrong. Please help me and the other guy that was having issues too lol

I can’t get it to work either.

I’m also having problems getting this to work.

I’m trying to get this to work in 4.10 and am having issues. Tried migrating it to my project and also to a new 4.10 project, but it’s not working.

It works in the 4.9 example when you download it.

Hey, sorry for no updates. I will update it next year (heh), when I will be back from Christmas break.

Hey I just tried it in 4.10 (created new project), and it worked.

Yes it works fine in 4.10 for me.